29th September 2016 – A dark and stormy night

We had an interesting night with thunder and lightning , It looked like a fire had started near Sandy’s room and Liv battled the elements to initiate a rescue only to discover it was flashing hazard lights from a van . Well it did look suspicious from our window . When Liv and I were reassured everything was OK we got into bed only to find water pouring under the door we swam for our phones to call for help and nearly ended up sharing a room with Frankie.

We were revived in the morning with Pancakes and Samosa then off to the hospital to do some work. Frankie having slept soundly through the events of the night before went off bright eyed and bushy tailed to teach anaesthetics to the 4th year students. Ally was directing the students and keep them in check teaching them about pulse oximetry and its relevance to anaemia. The drug round involved a student nurse ringing the bell for parents to bring the children in for their ceftriaxone and potential TB patients huddled under the mango tree.

Liv had some mixed news on the ward. Two of her children went home well while a third was improving but one lady passed away last night. Sandy went to the neonatal ward to assess the neck of a three day old. Luckily he had Chris,an experienced neonatal nurse, there to hold his hand and stop them shaking during the assessment.

1Liv and Sandy went to the CP clinic situated in a mental health hospital run by a local OT. It was wonderfully run with from a small room with regular visits from some of the residents and many handshakes and high fives. After the clinic Annett (the OT) made specialist seating for the children from cardboard, newspaper and glue.

The afternoon was spent carrying out more teaching with Liv and Frankie continued with the BASIC course at the hospital. After a slow start (Africa time) 16 participants joined the session .

Sandy and Ali went to Lira University to teach the 4th year students . Only 11 turned up, not sure if this was due to their impending assignment deadline or the morning lecture. While waiting for a lift back a relaxing on the steps Professor Jasper introduced himself much to Ally and Sandy’s surprise.

Arnold was unable to pick us up this afternoon. Frankie as team leader saved the day again and we all managed to hitch a ride on a boda boda. Ever mindful of the budget we all squeezed on the same one to save costs!

An evening tonight making chests for chest drain training from bottles of water and planning tomorrow’s lectures and praying for a little less drama than last night.