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Poole Africa Link was set up in 2009 when a link was formed between Poole hospital NHS foundation Trust and Wau hospital in South Sudan. Twelve successful visits followed with teams of 4-6 health care professional visiting for 2-3 weeks at a time.

The objective of these visits being training for doctors, nurses, midwives and student nurses and midwives. As well as teaching at Wau teaching hospital we taught at two of the schools of nursing and have made many very good friends in South Sudan. The dire conditions in the hospital have improved over the years but the hospital still has no proper running water and drainage and very limited electricity.

The current political situation and unrest in South Sudan has meant that at present we are unable to return and in Nov 2014 a team carried out a scoping visit to Lira in Northern Uganda to investigate setting up a link with the university and 500 bed there. A further visit took place in Oct 2015. We plan two further visits this year.

The link is supported by but not funded by Poole hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Successful fundraising plays a vital part in supporting our work.

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‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life’


Anna Agnes (far left) Joy Christine (to the left of Paul) and Joy Acen to her left plus PAL members and others

30th March 2017

Frankie and Judy went off to the hospital to teach at 8am while Paul and Sarah took in the market sights. We all met up at the University at lunchtime. Frankie presented a large bag of books and equipment, kindly donated by Poole hospitals, to stores manager Janet Angom, who was delighted and posed in

Cow gut anastomosis

29th March 2017

Paul joined the ward round on Female Medical at Lira Hospital while Judy went off to the District Health Offices to pursue the breast lump project and Frankie safety taught in theatre. The ward round was lead by Dr Arkello Emilly Brenda with a group of white coated medical students. A 27 bedded Nightingale ward

Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor DOK

28th March 2017

08.00 meeting at the University with Paul, Sarah and the Deputy VC, DOK , a background in the arts and a special interest in drama and films. Sarah got on like a house on fire! We explored the possibility of making short educational videos in conjunction with Media Studies at BU and plan to film